[GASP] A Cancer Diagnosis?!

Many of our patients have sat in their medical doctor’s offices hearing news so troubling that instinctively they suck in so much air all at once that the oxygen in the room seems thin and the room hollow at the sound of their gasp. The word seems foreign and yet so familiar as the doctor delivers the diagnosis, “cancer”.

Breathing in deeply is a great first response to a deadly disease. Cancer thrives in low-oxygen environments. We can help you fill your cells with increased capacity to absorb more of this life-giving force. Our hyperbaric therapy chamber has been shown to increase oxygen levels to weaken tumors and reduce their aggressiveness.

A non-randomized trial was conducted with 29 patients to evaluate the effectiveness of radiotherapy combined with hyperbaric therapy in patients with a malignant tumor. Fifteen patients were irradiated daily after hyperbaric and fourteen other irradiated patients were treated without it. In the hyperbaric group, 11 of 15 patients (73%) showed ≥ 50 percent tumor regression. In the group without hyperbaric, only four of 14 patients (29%) underwent tumor regression. The average survival rate in patients who had the hyperbaric therapy doubled that of those without it (24 months vs. 12 months) respectively.

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