The Weekly Scoop on Poop

Drinking enough water can be a pain in the butt. Literally! Coffee, soda and wine are way more fun to drink. You may not feel thirsty when wetting your whistle with other beverages but you’re like a flower in the desert. It’s beauty fading as it begins to bow to the ground too weak to stretch towards the sun.

We are 80 percent water, so dehydration is a pretty big deal. How can you tell if you aren’t getting enough water? If a houseplant needs water the soil around it gets dry and may even begin to crack. If you want to know if you need watered, wait to flush. Examine your soil first. Does your poop look like a rabbit used your potty? Did you have to strain and push and now your butt hurts? Instead of giving yourself hemorrhoids put away the wine and pour yourself another glass of refreshing water.

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