Why The Enemy Tried To Kill Dr. David

Why the Enemy Tried to Kill Dr. David Why the Enemy Tried to Kill Dr. David In the Bible, anytime God was sending a reformer the enemy would use powerful kings to go on a killing spree to ensure the baby would never be born. Satan’s tactics have not changed. For those of you who have not yet heard, Dr. David was in a tragic boating accident that nearly took his life. The motor blade was coming right for his face. He was in over his head, unable to save himself but God intervened. He doesn’t know how he escaped […]

The Weekly Scoop on Poop

The Weekly Scoop on Poop Drinking enough water can be a pain in the butt. Literally! Coffee, soda and wine are way more fun to drink. You may not feel thirsty when wetting your whistle with other beverages but you’re like a flower in the desert. It’s beauty fading as it begins to bow to the ground too weak to stretch towards the sun. We are 80 percent water, so dehydration is a pretty big deal. How can you tell if you aren’t getting enough water? If a houseplant needs water the soil around it gets dry and may even […]

[GASP] A Cancer Diagnosis?!

[GASP] A Cancer Diagnosis?! Many of our patients have sat in their medical doctor’s offices hearing news so troubling that instinctively they suck in so much air all at once that the oxygen in the room seems thin and the room hollow at the sound of their gasp. The word seems foreign and yet so familiar as the doctor delivers the diagnosis, “cancer”. Breathing in deeply is a great first response to a deadly disease. Cancer thrives in low-oxygen environments. We can help you fill your cells with increased capacity to absorb more of this life-giving force. Our hyperbaric therapy […]